Bible Studies:  1 Samuel


Date Verses Sermon Notes Audio Date Verses Sermon Notes Audio
8/31/2003   1 Sam. 1-3  

"Introduction & Calling Of Samuel"

28k 9/07/2003   1 Sam. 4-6  

"The Philistines Capture The Ark Of The Covenant & Experience Calamity"

9/14/2003   1 Sam. 7-8  

"The Israelites Get Right With The Lord, Then Request A King"

28k 9/21/2003   1 Sam. 9-10  

"The Lord Leads Samuel To Search Out A King In Saul"

9/28/2003   1 Sam. 11-12  

"Saul Leads Israel In Victory Over The Amonites / Samuel's Farewell Speech"

28k 10/05/2003   1 Sam. 13-15  

"Saul's True Colors Begin To Come Out As He Rebels Against The Lord"

10/12/2003   1 Sam. 15  

"Saul Conquers The Amalekites But Has His Kingship Taken Away:  Obedience Is Better Than Sacrifice"

28k 10/19/2003   1 Sam. 16  

"The Selection And Anointing Of David As King"

10/26/2003   1 Sam. 17  

"The Story Of David And Goliath"

28k 11/02/2003   1 Sam. 18  

"David And Jonathan Become United As Friends"

11/09/2003   1 Sam. 19-20  

"David's Period Of Wanderings Begins As God Begins To Knock Out From Under Him All Of His Props"

28k 11/16/2003   1 Sam. 21-22  

"David's Faith Gives Way To Fear As He Flees To Nob, Gath, And The Cave Of Adullam"

11/23/2003   1 Sam. 23-24  

"David' And His Men Deliver Keilah, Then David Spares Saul's Life"

28k 11/30/2003   1 Sam. 25  

"Abigail Restrains David From Taking Vengeance Out Upon Her Husband Nabal  /  David Takes Abigail As His Wife"

12/07/2003   1 Sam. 26-27  

"David Again Spares Saul's Life Then Flees To Live n Gath Of The Philistines"

28k 12/14/2003   1 Sam. 28  

"Saul Visits The Witch At Endor"

01/04/2004   1 Sam. 29-30  

"While David Goes To Battle Against Israel With The Philstines Ziklag Is Burned And The Wives And Children Taken Captive"

28k 01/11/2004   1 Sam. 31- 2 Sam. 1  

"Saul And His Sons Are Slain In Battle And David Laments Them"


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