Bible Studies:  1 Thessalonians


Date Verses Sermon Notes Audio Date Verses Sermon Notes Audio
8/22/2010   1Thess 1:1-10   "Introduction, background, and salutation for 1 Thessalonians" 28k

8/29/2010   1Thess 2:1-11   "Paul's Defense To The Thessalonians:  He Is A Steward, A Mother, And A Father" 28k

9/05/2010   1Thess 2:12-20   "Paul Tells The Thessalonians They Received The Word Of God For What It Is, And That They Were His Hope, Joy, And Crown Of Exaltation" 28k

9/12/2010   1Thess 3:1-13   "Paul Tells How He Had Sent Timothy To The Thessalonians Out Of Concern For Them, And Then He Tells The Joy Timothy's Report Brought Him" 28k

10/03/2010   1Thess 4:1-12   "Paul Defines The Type Of Sanctification That Every Believer In Christ Must Aspire To" 28k

10/10/2010   1Thess 4:13-18   "Believers Need To Take Comfort In The Fact That Christ Will Soon Snatch Us Away" 28k

10/17/2010   1Thess 5:1-10   "For The Unbelieving World Christ Will Return Like A Thief In The Night, But Believers Are Sons Of Light And The Day And As Such Must Put On The Full Armor Of God" 28k

10/24/2010   1Thess 5:11-28   "Paul Ends His First Letter To The Thessalonians With Many Exhortations" 28k


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