Bible Studies:  1 Corinthians   


Date Verses Sermon Notes Audio Date Verses Sermon Notes Audio
9/23/2001   Ch. 1:1-12   "Introduction To 1 Corinthians" 28k

9/30/2001   Ch. 1:13-30   "The Power And Wisdom Of God" 28k

10/07/2001   Ch. 2   "Resting On The Wisdom And Sufficiency Of God" 28k

10/14/2001   Ch. 3:1-8   "The Milk Or Meat Of The Word?" 28k

10/21/2001   Ch. 3:8-21   "Building Upon The Foundation Of Christ" 28k

10/28/2001   Ch. 4:1-8   "A Leader Is Just A Servant And Steward" 28k

11/04/2001   Ch. 4:9-21   "The Power Of A Godly Example" 28k

11/11/2001   Ch. 5   "Church Discipline" 28k

11/18/2001   Ch. 6:1-11   "Suing Brothers/What We're Saved From" 28k

11/25/2001   Ch. 6:12-20   "Glorify God In Your Body" 28k

12/02/2001   Ch. 7:1-16   "Instructions On Marriage & Divorce, No. 1" 28k

12/09/2001   Ch. 7:17-39   "Instructions On Marriage & Divorce, No. 2" 28k

12/16/2001   Ch. 8   "Beware Not To Cause Your Brother To Stumble" 28k

1/6/2002   Ch. 9:1-14   "Ministers Are To Be Supported By The Ministry" 28k

1/13/2002   Ch. 9:15-23   "Be All Things To All Men" 28k

1/20/2002   Ch. 9:24-27   "Run In Such A Way As To Win" 28k

1/27/2002   Ch. 10:1-11   "Learn The Lessons Of The Israelites" 28k

2/03/2002   Ch. 10:12-13   "If Any Man Is Tempted" 28k

2/10/2002   Ch. 10:14-33   "You Can't Dine At The Table Of The Lord & Demons" 28k

2/17/2002   Ch. 11:1-2   "Hold Fast To The Traditions Delivered To Us" 28k

2/24/2002   Ch. 11:3-16   "God-given Roles For Men And Women" 28k

3/03/2002   Ch. 11:17-34   "When We Come Together To Remember The Lord" 28k

3/10/2002   Ch. 12:1-11   "Manifestation Gifts Of The Holy Spirit" 28k

3/17/2002   Ch. 12:12-26   "When The Body Functions Like A Body" 28k

3/24/2002   Ch. 12:27-31   "God Appoints Ministries And Offices In The Church" 28k

4/07/2002   Ch. 13:1-5a   "Love Is...:  Part 1" 28k

4/14/2002   Ch. 13:5b-13   "Love Is...:  Part 2" 28k

4/21/2002   Ch. 14:1-19   "Desire Spiritual Gifts But Especially To Prophesy" 28k

4/28/2002   Ch. 14:20-40   "God Is Not A God Of Confusion But Of Peace" 28k

5/05/2002   Ch. 15:1-20   "Things Of First Importance Doctrinally" 28k

5/12/2002   Ch. 15:21-44   "We'll Be Raised To Glory" 28k

5/19/2002   Ch. 15:45-58   "Having Born The Image Of The Earthly, We Shall Bear The Image Of The Heavenly" 28k

5/26/2002   Ch. 16   "Future Plans, Final Exhortations, And Personal Greetings" 28k



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