Bible Studies:  2 Samuel 


Date Verses Sermon Notes Audio Date Verses Sermon Notes Audio
01/18/2004   2 Sam. 2-3  

"David Is Made King Over Judah, Then Civil War Breaks Out In Israel"

28k 01/25/2004   2 Sam. 4-5  

"Ishbosheth Is Murdered, Then David Is Made King Over All Israel"

02/01/2004   2 Sam. 6  

"David Brings The Ark To Jerusalem:  The Lesson Of Doing God's Will God's Way"

28k 02/08/2004   2 Sam. 7  

"David Desires To Build A House For The Lord, But The Lord Instead Builds A House For Him"

02/15/2004   2 Sam. 8-9  

"David Subdues All The Nations Surrounding Israel, Then For Jonathan's Sake Extends Grace To Mephibosheth"

28k 02/22/2004   2 Sam. 10-11  

"David Tries To Make Peace With Ammon / Commits Adultery With Bathsheba"

02/29/2004   2 Sam. 12  

"David Is Restored To The Lord But Still Suffers The Consequences Of His Sin"

28k 03/07/2004   2 Sam. 13  

"David's Son Ammon Rapes His Daughter Tamar, Then His Other Son Absalom Murders Ammon"

03/14/2004   2 Sam. 14-15  

"David Alllows Absalom To Return To Israel However Absalom Tries To Take The Kingdom Away"

28k 03/28/2004   2 Sam. 16-17  

"David Lied To And Cursed / Hushai Foils Ahithophel's Counsel"

04/04/2004   2 Sam. 18-19  

"Absalom Is Killed In Battle, Then David Is Asked To Return As King"

28k 04/18/2004   2 Sam. 20-21  

"The Revolt Of Sheba / Justice For The Gibeonites"

04/25/2004   2 Sam. 22  

"David's Song Of Praise"

28k 05/02/2004   2 Sam. 23  

"David's Last Song / David's Mighty Men"

05/09/2004   2 Sam. 24  

"David Numbers His Men And Incurs God's Wrath"


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