Bible Studies:  2 Corinthians


Date Verses Sermon Notes Audio Date Verses Sermon Notes Audio
6/02/2002   Ch. 1:1-11   "Introduction To 2 Corinthians" 28k 6/09/2002   Ch. 1:12-2:3   "Paul Defends His Integrity" 28k
6/16/2002   Ch. 2:4-16   "Restore The Brother Disciplined" 28k 6/23/2002   Ch. 2:17-3:6   "The Ministry Of Life Vs The Ministry Of Death" 28k
6/30/2002   Ch. 3:7-18   "Beholding The Image Of The Lord" 28k 7/07/2002   Ch. 4:1-7   "We Have This Treasure In Earthen Vessels" 28k
7/14/2002   Ch. 4:8-18   "Momentary, Light Affliction Produces An Eternal Weight Of Glory Far Beyond Comparison" 28k 7/21/2002   Ch. 5:1-10   "When Our Earthly Tent Is Torn Down We Have A House In The Heavens" 28k
7/28/2002   Ch.5:11-17  "If Any Man Is In Christ He Is A New Creation" 28k 8/04/2002   Ch.5:18-6:2  "Be Reconciled To God" 28k
8/11/2002   Ch.6:3-10  "Endurance In Ministry Despite Difficulties, Hardships And A Lack Of Earthly Rewards" 28k 8/18/2002   Ch.6:11-7:1  "Open Wide Your Heart To Us" 28k
8/25/2002  Ch.7:2-16  "Godly Sorrow Produces Repentance" 28k 9/01/2002  Ch.8:1-9   "Giving From The Grace Of God" 28k
9/08/2002  Ch.8:10-24   "It Would Be Best For You If You Gave" 28k 9/15/2002  Ch.9   "Sow Sparingly And You Will Reap Sparingly, Bountifully And You Will Reap Bountifully" 28k
9/22/2002  Ch.10:1-6   "The Weapons Of Our Warfare Are Not Of The Flesh But Divinely Powerful" 28k 9/29/2002  Ch.10:7-18   "Do Not Compare Yourself With Those Who Measure Themselves By Themselves" 28k
10/6/2002  Ch.11:1-15   "Paul Begins His Fool's Speech" 28k 10/13/2002  Ch.11:16-33   "Fool's Speech Part 2:  Paul Boasts About His Weakness" 28k
10/20/2002  Ch.12:1-10   "Fool's Speech Part 3:  Power Is Perfected Through Weakness" 28k 10/27/2002  Ch.12:11-21   "Fool's Speech Part 4:  The Fear Of Not Meeting Each Other's Expectations" 28k
11/03/2002  Ch.13   "Wrap Up / Examine Yourselves Whether Or Not You Are In The Faith" 28k        

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