Bible Studies:  Colossians


Date Verses Sermon Notes Audio Date Verses Sermon Notes Audio
5/31/2009   Col. 1:1-14   "Intro. To Colossians / Paul Prays For The Colossians To Know God" 28k

6/7/2009   Col. 1:15-29   "Preeminence of Christ:  All Things Created By Him &For Him, Before All Things, Holds All Together, Head Over All" 28k

6/14/2009   Col. 2:1-10   "Don't Be Taken Captive By Philosophy, In Christ Are Hidden All The Treasures Of Wisdom & Knowledge" 28k

6/21/2009   Col. 2:11-23   "We Have Received A Circumcision Made Without Hands / Our Certificate Of Debt Was Cancelled Out / Let No One Judge You" 28k


6/28/2009   Col. 3:1-13   "Keep Seeking The Things Above Where Christ Is / Put Aside The Deeds Of The Flesh / Put On A Heart Of Compassion" 28k


7/05/2009   Col. 3:14-25   "Love Is Our Bond, The Peace Of God Should Rule In Our Hearts, Each Of Us Have Our Own Domestic Roles And Responsibilities" 28k


7/12/2009   Col. 4:1-18   "Paul Admonishes The Church To Prayer And Also To Making The Most Of Opportunities With Outsiders / Final Salutations" 28k



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