Bible Studies:  Esther


Date Verses Sermon Notes Audio Date Verses Sermon Notes Audio
2/01/2009   Esther  "Esther 1:  Introduction To The Book Of Esther / Queen Vashti Is Dethroned And Divorced" 28k

2/08/2009   Esther 2-3   "King Xerxes' Attendants Convince Him To Search For A New Queen, And Esther Is Chosen As A Contestant" 28k

2/15/2009   Esther 4-5   "Mordecai Convinces Esther To Intercede For The Jews Before The King" 28k

2/22/2009   Esther 6-7   "The King's Sleepless Night Leads To Exaltation Of Mordecai / After Dinner Esther Is Granted Her Request And Haman Is Hanged" 28k

3/1/2009   Esther 8-10   "Mordecai Is Promoted And Esther Gains The King's Permission And The Jews Destroy All Of Their Enemies" 28k


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