Bible Studies:  Exodus   


Date Verses Sermon Notes Audio Date Verses Sermon Notes Audio
4/27/2008   Exod. 1-2   "Background Of Exodus / Moses Is Born, Rescued, And Estranged" 28k 5/05/2008   Exod. 3   "The Calling Of Moses" 28k
5/11/2008   Exod. 4-5   "The Signs Given To Moses / Moses & Aaron Appear Before Pharaoh For The First Time" 28k 5/18/2008   Exod. 6-7   "The Lord Answers Moses' Prayers Declaring How He Plans To Deliver Israel / Outpouring Of First Plague" 28k
5/25/2008   Exod. 8-9   "The Second Through The Seventh Plagues Are Poured Out Upon Pharaoh And The Egyptians" 28k 6/01/2008   Exod. 10-11   "The Lord Pours Out The Last Two Plagues Upon Pharaoh And The Egyptians" 28k
6/08/2008   Exod. 12   "The Lord Delivers The Children Of Israel From Egypt After Instructing Them Concerning The Passover Feast And Applying The Blood Of The Lamb" 28k 6/15/2008   Exod. 13-14   "The Lord Parts The Red Sea For the Children Of Israel, But Drowns The Egyptian Army" 28k
6/22/2008   Exod. 15-16   "The Song Of Moses And Israel / God Rains Down Manna For The Sons Of Israel" 28k 6/29/2008   Exod. 17-18   "Strike The Rock & Battle Amelek / Moses Appoints Judges" 28k
7/06/2008   Exod. 19-20   "Moses Is Called Up To The Mountain And Israel Receives The Law" 28k 7/13/2008   Exod. 21-22   "The Civil Law Is Given To Israel By God" 28k
7/20/2008   Exod. 23-24   "The Civil Law Is Given, Part 2 / The Covenant Is Ratified By Sprinkling Of Blood" 28k 7/27/2008   Exod. 25   "Tabernacle Background/The Regulations For Building Of The Tabernacle:  Part #1" 28k
8/03/2008   Exod. 26-27   "The Regulations For Building Of The Tabernacle:  Part #2" 28k 8/10/2008   Exod. 28-29   "The Regulations For Building Of The Tabernacle:  Part #3 (Priestly Garments & Consecration)" 28k
8/17/2008   Exod. 30-31   "Regulations For Construction Of Golden Altar & Bronze Laver / Making Of Anointing Oil & Incense" 28k 8/31/2008   Exod. 32:1-33:4   "The Children Of Israel Fall Into Idolatry Waiting For Moses To Come Down From The Mountain" 28k
9/07/2008   Exod. 33:4-34:8  "The Consequences Of Israel's Sin / God Reveals Himself To Moses" 28k 9/14/2008   Exod. 33:18-34:35  "God's Name/Character Declared While Moses Holds The Law / Moses Intercedes For Israel & God Promises To Covenant With Them" 28k
9/21/2008   Exod. 35-37  "The Law Recounted & The Tabernacle Construction Begun" 28k 9/28/2008   Exod. 38-40  "The Tabernacle Construction Is Completed And Its Erected, Then The Shekinah Glory Of God Enters" 28k

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