Bible Studies:  Genesis


Date Verses Sermon Notes Audio Date Verses Sermon Notes Audio
9/2/2007   Gen. 1:1   "Introduction To The Book Of Genesis And The Creation Of The World" 28k 9/9/2007   Gen. 1:1-19   "Introduction To Creation, Where The Cosmos Came From" 28k
9/16/2007   Gen. 1:20-2:4   "Creation, Where The Cosmos Came From, Part 2" 28k 9/23/2007   Gen. 2:1-25   "The Importance And Purpose Of The Sabbath / God Creates Adam And Eve And The Institution Of Marriage" 28k
9/30/2007   Gen. 3:1-24   "The Fall Of Mankind / The Seed Plot Of The Entire Bible" 28k 10/07/2007   Gen. 4:1-26   "The First Murder / The Line Of The Serpent And The Line Of The Woman" 28k
10/14/2007   Gen. 5-6   "The Genealogy Of Noah / The Days Of Noah" 28k 10/21/2007   Gen. 7-8   "The Flood" 28k
10/28/2007   Gen. 9-10   "The Rainbow And God's Covenant / Sin Of Ham / The Table Of Nations" 28k 11/04/2007   Gen. 11   "Nimrod, Babylon, And The Tower Of Babel" 28k
11/11/2007   Gen. 12-13   "The Covenant Made To Abraham / Abraham's Sojourn In Egypt / Abraham And Lot Divide The Land" 28k 11/18/2007   Gen. 14-15   "Abraham Rescues Captive Lot / Gives A Tenth Of All To Melchizedek / His Faith Is Reckoned To Him As Righteousness" 28k
11/25/2007   Gen. 16-18   "Hagar Given As A Surrogate Mother / Abraham Circumcises His Household / The Birth Of Isaac Promised" 28k 12/02/2007   Gen. 19-20   "The Destruction Of Sodom And Gomorrah / Abraham Again Has Sarah Say That She Is His Sister" 28k
12/09/2007   Gen. 21-22   "Isaac Is Born And Ishmael Cast Out / Abraham Is Told To Sacrifice His Son" 28k 1/06/2008   Gen. 23-24   "The Death Of Sarah / A Bride Is Found For Isaac" 28k
1/20/2008   Gen. 25-26   "Abraham Remarries & Starts New Family / Isaac & Rebekah Have Twin Sons, Jacob & Esau / Esau Sells His Birthright" 28k 1/27/2008   Gen. 27-28   "Jacob And Rebekah Join Together To Deceive Isaac To Give Esau's Blessing To Jacob / Jacob Flees For His Life And God Appears To Him" 28k
2/03/2008   Gen. 29-30   "Jacob Is Tricked Into Working For Both Leah And Rachel For Wives / God Blesses Jacob Not Only With Sons But With Cattle" 28k 2/10/2008   Gen. 31-33   "Jacob Flees With Family And Livestock / Jacob Wrestles With Angel / Jacob Meets Up With Esau" 28k
2/24/2008   Gen. 34-36   "Men Rape Jacob's Daughter Dinah And Simeon And Levi Kill All The Men Of The City / In The Move To Bethel Rachel Dies In Childbirth / Esau's Descendants" 28k 3/2/2008   Gen. 37-38   "Joseph's Brothers Sell Him Into Slavery / Judah Sins Against His Daughter-In-Law Tamar" 28k
3/9/2008   Gen. 39-40   "Joseph Is Bought By Potiphar And Prospers Until Potiphar's Wife Tries To Seduce Him / Joseph Interprets Dreams For Pharaoh's Baker And Cup Bearer" 28k 3/30/2008   Gen. 41   "Joseph Interprets Pharaoh's Dream And Then Is Placed Second In Command Over All Of Egypt" 28k
4/6/2008   Gen. 42-45:8   "Joseph Is Reunited With His Brothers And Father" 28k 4/13/2008   Gen. 45:9-47:31   "Joseph's Family Is Relocated To Egypt" 28k
4/202008   Gen. 48-50   "Jacob Blesses Each Of His Sons, Dies & Is Buried / Joseph Dies & Is Buried" 28k        

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