Bible Studies:  James


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6/7/2014   James 1:1-4 


"Introduction And James Chapter 1:1-4"


  6/14/2014   James 1:4-15 


"James Chapter 1:4-12:  Ask God For Wisdom, Avoid Materialism, Persevere Through Trials"


6/21/2014   James 1:15-21 


"James Chapter 1:15-21:  Source Of Temptations / Every Good Gift Is From God / Quick To Hear Slow To Speak / Receive Word Implanted"


  6/28/2014   James 1:22-2:13


"James Chapter 1:22-2:13:  Be Doers Of The Word And Not Merely Hearers / Bridle Your Tongue / Practice Pure And Undefiled Religion / Do Not Show Partiality"


7/05/2014   James 2:14-25 


"James Chapter 2:14-25:  Justified By Works"


  7/12/2014   James 3:1-12 


"James Chapter 3:1-12:  Let Not Many Become Teachers / The Destructive And Life-Giving Power Of The Tongue"


7/19/2014   James 3:13-4:3 


James Chapter 3:13-4:6:  Discerning The Wisdom From Above And Below / The Source Of All Quarrels And Conflicts / Learning To Ask


  7/26/2014   James 4:4-17 


James Chapter 4:4-17:  Friendship With World Is Hostility Towards God / God Is Opposed To The Proud But Gives Grace To The Humble / Don't Speak Against Brothers / Beware Of Making Plans And Commitments Without Seeking Christ First


8/2/2014   James 5:1-11 


James Chapter 5:1-11:  Sweeping Condemnations, Exhortations, And Warnings For The Rich / Be Patient For The Coming Of The Lord / Do Not Complain Against One Another / Use The Prophets As Examples In Suffering And Patience


  8/9/2014   James 5:12-20


James Chapter 5:12-20:  Don't Swear By Anything / If Suffering Pray /  If Sick Ask the Elders To Come And Pray For Healing / Confess Your Sins One To Another / Power Of Righteous Man's Prayer



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