Bible Studies:  John


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09/3/2006   John 1:1-18   "Intro To John / Jesus Is The Word (or ‘logos’) of God" 28k 09/10/2006   John 1:19-51   "John The Baptist, The Humble And Faithful Witness / The First Disciples" 28k
09/17/2006   John 2:1-12   "Jesus First Miracle Performed At The Wedding In Cana" 28k 09/24/2006   John 2:13-25   "Jesus Makes A Scourge Of The Temple" 28k
10/8/2006   John 3:1-16   "Jesus Tells Nicodemus About The New Birth And Then How God So Loved The World He Gave His Only Begotten Son" 28k 10/15/2006   John 3:17-36   "God's Motive For Sending Jesus / John The Baptist's Disciples Get Jealous Of Jesus' Ministries" 28k
10/22/2006   John 4:1-25   "Jesus Goes To A Woman Of Samaria To Proclaim The Good News Of Salvation" 28k 10/29/2006   John 4:26-54   "The People Of Sychar Come And Hear Jesus' Word And Believe In Him / Jesus Heals A Nobleman's Son In Cana" 28k
11/05/2006   John 5:1-16   "Jesus Heals A Crippled Man At The Pool Of Bethesda By The Sheep's Gate In Jerusalem" 28k 11/12/2006   John 5:17-29   "Jesus Begins To Describe The Essence Of His Divine Nature To Some Jews Accusing Him Of Breaking The Sabbath" 28k
11/19/2006   John 5:30-47   "Jesus Continues To Defend Himself For Healing On The Sabbath By Revealing Those Who Testify Of Him" 28k 11/26/2006   John 6:1-14   "Jesus Miraculously Feeds The Five Thousand" 28k
12/3/2006   John 6:15-27   "Jesus Walks On The Water And Then Calms The Seas And Rescues The Disciples In Their Boat" 28k 12/10/2006   John 6:28-58   "Jesus' Bread Of Life Discourse" 28k
12/17/2006   John 6:59-7:18   "Finishing Up Jesus' Bread Of Life Discourse / Jesus Secretly Goes Up To Jerusalem For The Feast Of Tabernacles" 28k 12/24/2006   John 7:19-30   "Christmas Eve 2006:  The Pharisees Didn't But Would You Recognize Jesus?" 28k
12/31/2006   John 7:31-53   "On The Last Day Of The Feast Of Tabernacles Jesus Cries Out Asking Anyone Who Is Thirsty To Come To Him And Drink" 28k 1/7/2007   John 8:1-12   " A Woman Caught In The Act Of Adultery Is Brought To Jesus" 28k
1/14/2007   John 8:13-30  "Jesus States To The Pharisees That He Is The Light Of The World And Then Defends Himself For Attesting Of Himself To Them" 28k 1/21/2007   John 8:31-59  "Jesus Continues To Argue With The Pharisees As To Whom  He  Thought That He was" 28k
1/28/2007   John 9:1-34  "Jesus Heals Blindness In A Man Born Blind Then The Pharisees Try To Discredit The Healed Man And Jesus " 28k 2/4/2007   John 9:35-10:21  "Jesus Seeks Out The Man Whom He Had Healed And Then Declares That He Is The Door Of The Sheep And The Great Shepherd" 28k
2/11/2007   John 10:22-42  "Jesus Completes His Public Ministry By Going To The Temple For The Feast Of Dedication And Again Arguing With The Jews" 28k 2/18/2007   John 11:1-46  "Jesus Raises Lazarus From The Dead / Jesus Is The Resurrection And The Life" 28k
3/04/2007   John 11:47-12:11  "The Sadducees and Pharisees Plot To Kill Jesus / Jesus Has A Dinner In His Honor And Mary Anoints His Feet With Perfume" 28k 3/11/2007   John 12:1-12-19  "Jesus' Triumphal Entry Into Jerusalem" 28k
3/25/2007   John 12:20-50  "Some Greeks Seek To Talk With Jesus, Jesus Teaches His Disciples And Appeals To The Multitude Of Jews One Last Time" 28k 4/01/2007   John 13:1-20  "Jesus Washes His Disciple's Feet At The Supper" 28k
4/15/2007   John 13:21-38  "Jesus Points Out The Betrayer And Then Tells Peter That He Shall Deny Him Three Times" 28k 4/22/2007   John 14:1-11  "Jesus Tells His Disciples He Is Going Away But Not To Worry For He Will Be Preparing A Place For Them" 28k
4/29/2007   John 14:12-21  "Jesus Tells His Disciples That The One Who Believes In Him Will Do Greater Works Than He Has Done" 28k 5/06/2007   John 14:22-31  "Jesus Continues To Point His Disciples To Look To The Comforter, Or Holy Spirit, Who Will Shortly Be Given To Them" 28k
5/13/2007   John 15:1-11  "Jesus Tells His Disciples He Is The Vine, They Are The Branches, And They Are To Abide In Him And Bear Fruit" 28k 5/20/2007   John 15:12-17  "Jesus Tells His Disciples That There Is No Greater Love Than One Lay Down His Life For His Friends" 28k
5/27/2007   John 15:18-6:4  "Jesus Prepares His Disciples For Persecution For His Name" 28k 6/3/2007   John 16:5-15  "Jesus Tells His Disciples That It Is To Their Advantage That He Go Away For He Will Send The Comforter To Them" 28k
6/10/2007   John 16:16-33  "Jesus Assures His Disciples That In The World They Will Have Tribulation But In Him They Can Have Peace For He Has Overcome The World" 28k 6/17/2007   John 17:1-12  "Jesus' High Priestly Prayer:  Part #1" 28k
6/24/2007   John 17:13-26  "Jesus' High Priestly Prayer:  Part #2" 28k 7/01/2007   John 18:1-11  "Jesus In The Garden Of Gethsemane / The Arrest Of Jesus" 28k
7/08/2007   John 18:12-27  "Jesus Interrogation Before Annas And Caiaphas / Peter's Denials Of Jesus" 28k 7/15/2007   John 18:28-40  "Jesus Appears Before Pontius Pilate" 28k
7/22/2007   John 19:1-22  "Pontius Pilate Finally Gives In To The Jews And Has Jesus Scourged And Led Away To Be Crucified" 28k 7/29/2007   John 19:16-42  "Jesus Is Crucified, Dies, And Is Laid To Rest In A Tomb" 28k
8/5/2007   John 20:1-18  "The Disciples Discover Early Sunday Morning That Jesus Has Raised From The Dead" 28k 8/12/2007   John 20:19-30  "The Post Resurrection Appearances Of Jesus Christ" 28k
8/19/2007   John 21:1-14  "Jesus Appears To Seven Disciples As They Are Fishing At The Sea Of Tiberias" 28k 8/26/2007   John 21:15-25  "Jesus Restores Peter To Himself And To Ministry" 28k

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