Bible Studies:  Judges   


Date Verses Sermon Notes Audio Date Verses Sermon Notes Audio
4/06/2003   Ch. 1-2  

"Introduction To The Book And Era Of The Judges"

28k 4/27/2003   Ch. 3  

"The First Three Judges:  Othniel, Ehud, and Shamgar"

5/04/2003   Ch. 4  

"The Story Of Deborah And Barak"

28k 5/11/2003   Ch. 5  

"The Song Of Deborah And Barak"

5/18/2003   Ch. 6  

"The Calling Of Gideon"

28k 5/25/2003   Ch. 7  

"God Uses Gideon To Deliver Israel From Midian"

6/08/2003   Ch. 8  

"Gideon Causes Israel To Stumble:  Beware Of Success"

28k 6/15/2003   Ch. 9  

"Father's Day And The Conspiracy Of Abimilech"

6/22/2003   Ch. 10-11  

"The Story Of Jephthah And Some Do-nothing Judges"

28k 6/29/2003   Ch. 12-13  

"Ephraim Dealt With / Samson Called To Separation"

7/06/2003   Ch. 14-15  

"Samson Seeks A Philistine Wife And Then Exacts Revenge"

28k 7/13/2003   Ch. 16  

"Story Of Samson's Demise:  Samson And Delilah"

7/20/2003   Ch. 17-18  

"Micah Makes An Idol / Dan Moves Its Territory"

28k 7/27/2003   Ch. 19-21  

"Gang Rape Of A Man's Concubine Leads To Civil War"


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