Bible Studies:  Luke 


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05/23/2004   Luke 1:1-38  

"The Angelic Announcements Made To Zacharias And To Mary"

28k 05/30/2004   Luke 1:39-80  

"The Songs Of Zacharias And Mary"

06/06/2004   Luke 2:1-39  

"The Birth And Dedication Of Jesus"

28k 06/13/2004   Luke 2:40-3:14  

"The Early Life Of Jesus / Intro. To The Ministry Of John The Baptist"

06/20/2004   Luke 3:15-4:13  

"The Baptism, Genealogy, & Temptation Of Jesus"

28k 06/27/2004   Luke 4:14-44  

"Jesus Begins His Public Ministry"

07/04/2004   Luke 5:1-26  

"Jesus Begins To Call Disciples And Then Heals A Leper And A Paralyzed Man"

28k 07/11/2004   Luke 5:27-6:11  

"Jesus Calls Levi, Continues To Heal, And Begins To Have Conflict After Conflict With The Pharisees"

07/18/2004   Luke 6:12-23  

"Jesus Chooses The 12 Apostles / Sermon On The Mount, Part #1"

28k 07/25/2004   Luke 6:24-36  

"Sermon On The Mount, Part #2"

08/01/2004   Luke 6:37-49  

"Sermon On The Mount, Part #3"

28k 08/08/2004   Luke 7:1-23  

"Healing Of Centurion's Slave / Raising Of Widow's Son / Delegation Sent To Jesus From John The Baptist"

08/15/2004   Luke 7:24-50  

"Jesus Commends John The Baptist Then Dines With Simon The Pharisee And A Sinful Woman Anoints His Feet"

28k 08/22/2004   Luke 8:1-21  

"Parable Of The Sower / Admonishment Concerning The Light / Jesus' Mother And Brothers Pay Him A Visit"

08/29/2004   Luke 8:22-56  

"Jesus Calms Sea / Heals Man Possessed Of Many Demons / Heals Woman Of Hemorrhage / Raises Jarius' Daughter"

28k 09/05/2004   Luke 9:1-17  

"Jesus Sends The Twelve On An Intern Mission Trip / Feeds The Five Thousand"

09/12/2004   Luke 9:18-27  

"Peter's Great Confession / Jesus Begins To Tell His Disciples What His Messiah-ship Means And What Discipleship Brings"

28k 09/19/2004   Luke 9:28-50  

"Jesus Is Transfigured / Casts Demon Out of Boy After His Disciples Were Unsuccessful / Teaches What True Greatness Consists Of"

09/26/2004   Luke 9:51-62  

"Jesus Heads To Jerusalem / Commands Three Men To Follow, However Each Has An Excuse For Putting Off This Decision"

28k 10/03/2004   Luke 10:1-37  

"Jesus Sends The Seventy Out On A Mission Trip / Tells The Story About the Good Samaritan"

10/10/2004   Luke 10:38-11:13  

"Martha & Mary / Jesus Teaches His Disciples How To Pray And Encourages Them To Persist In Praying"

28k 10/17/2004   Luke 11:14-32  

"Jesus Is Accused Of Casting Out A Demon By The Ruler Of The Demons / People Must Decide About Jesus"

10/24/2004   Luke 11:33-54  

"Jesus Instructs About Use Of A Lamp / Argues with Pharisees About Righteousness Involving Cleansing Of The Inside Part"

28k 10/31/2004   Luke 12:1-21  

"Jesus Prepares Disciples for Persecution By Speaking Of Future Judgment & Telling Of Greater Importance Of After Life"

11/07/2004   Luke 12:22-34  

"Jesus Teaches His Disciples Why There Is No Good Reason For Them To Worry Or Be Anxious About Anything"

28k 11/14/2004   Luke 12:35-59  

"Jesus Teaches His Disciples That They Are Always To Be Ready For His Return"

11/21/2004   Luke 13:1-17  

"Jesus Teaches About The Importance Of Repenting / The Unfruitful Fig Tree / Jesus Heals On The Sabbath"

28k 11/28/2004   Luke 13:18-35  

"Kingdom Parables / The Narrow Door / Jesus Warned Herod Wants To Kill Him"

12/05/2004   Luke 14:1-24  

"Jesus Heals Man Of Dropsy On Sabbath / Teaches Wisdom Of Not Seeking Places Of Honor For Oneself / Parable Of Banquet Dinner"

28k 12/12/2004   Luke 14:25-15:10  

"Jesus Teaches Cost Of Discipleship & Two Parables Which Show How God Seeks Out The Lost"

12/19/2004   Luke 15:11-32 

"Jesus Teaches The Parable Of The Prodigal Son (or "The Loving Father")"

28k 1/02/2005   Luke 16:1-15 

"Upon Being Fired For Mismanagement A Man Ingratiates Himself To His Master's Debtors By Reducing Their Debts"

1/09/2005   Luke 16:16-31 

"Jesus Points The Pharisees To The Law / Teaches About The Rich Man And Lazarus In Hades"

28k 1/16/2005   Luke 17:1-19 

"Jesus Gives Four Instructions To Disciples To Help In Their Growth And Faith / Heals Ten Lepers But Only One Thanks Him"

1/23/2005   Luke 17:20-37 

"Questioned About When God's Kingdom Will Come, Jesus Tells His Disciples About His Second Coming"

28k 1/30/2005   Luke 18:1-17 

"The Importunate Widow / A Pharisee And A Tax Gatherer Pray At Temple / People Bring Their Children To Jesus"

02/06/2005   Luke 18:18-43 

"Jesus Meets The Rich Young Ruler / Jesus Again Predicts His Death / The Healing Of Blind Bartimaeus"

28k 02/13/2005   Luke 19:1-27 

"Zaccheus Comes To Try And Get A Glimpse Of Jesus / Parable Of The Minas"

02/20/2005   Luke 19:28-48 

"Jesus Triumphal Entry Into Jerusalem / Weeps Over Jerusalem & Pronounces Judgment / Drives Money Changers From Temple"

28k 02/27/2005   Luke 20:1-26 

"Pharisees Ask Jesus What Authority He Works Under / Parable Of Ungrateful Vine-growers / Is it lawful to pay taxes to Rome?'"

03/06/2005   Luke 20:27-47 

"Sadducees Ask Jesus Question About Marriage In the Afterlife / Jesus Asks Scribes How David Could Call Messiah, 'Lord' ?"

28k 03/13/2005   Luke 21:1-24 

"Jesus Commends A Poor Widow For Her Giving / The Olivet Discourse:  Part #1"

03/20/2005   Luke 21:25-38 

"The Olivet Discourse:  Part #1  /  'Why Does Jerusalem Play Such A Central Role In The World & In God's Plans?'"

28k 03/27/2005   Luke 22:1--38 

"Easter Message 2005:  Sunday Is Coming But Today It Is Friday"

04/03/2005   Luke 22:39-71 

"The Garden Of Gethsemane / Jesus' Trials Before The Jews / Peter's Denials"

28k 04/10/2005   Luke 23:1-25 

"Three Trials Before The Roman Authorities:  Jesus Goes Before Pilate, Herod, And Pilate"

04/24/2005   Luke 23:26-56 

"The Crucifixion Of Jesus"

28k 05/01/2005   Luke 24:1-35 

"The Resurrection Of Jesus"

05/08/2005   Luke 24:36-53 

"The Great Commission"


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