Bible Studies:  Mark


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10/11/2009   Mark 1:1-20   "Introduction / Preaching Of John The Baptist / Baptism of Jesus / Calling Of First Disciples" 28k

10/18/2009   Mark 1:21-45   "Ministry In Capernaum / Jesus Begins Healing & Casting Out Demons / Peter's Mother-in-law Healed" 28k

10/25/2009   Mark 2:1-12   "Four Men Carry A Paralytic To Jesus To Be Healed" 28k

11/01/2009   Mark 2:13-28   "Calling Of Levi & Jesus Being Called Friend Of Tax Gatherers And Sinners / Jesus' Disciples Accused Of Not Fasting & Breaking Sabbath" 28k

11/08/2009   Mark 3:1-15   "Jesus Heals Man With Withered Hand On Sabbath / Pharisees & Herodians conspire To Kill Jesus / Jesus Appoints The Twelve & Gives Them Authority" 28k

11/15/2009   Mark 3:16-35   "Intro To Individual Disciples / Jesus Accused Of Casting Out Demons By Beelzebub / Jesus' Mother And Brothers Come To Get Him" 28k

11/22/2009   Mark 4:1-20   "Jesus Teaches The Parable Of The Sower" 28k

11/29/2009   Mark 4:21-34  "Jesus Says To Let Our Light Shine In This World, Then He Teaches The Parables Of The Crop & Mustard Seed" 28k

12/06/2009   Mark 4:35-41   "After Preaching & Teaching All Day Jesus Starts To Cross The Lake With His Disciples, And Then Calms The Sea And Saves Them" 28k

12/13/2009   Mark 5:1-20   "Jesus Casts A Legion Of Demons Out Of The Demoniac Among The Tombs" 28k

12/20/2009   Mark 5:21-43   "Christmas:  Jesus Raises Jairus' Daughter From The Dead / A Woman Is Healed By Touching Jesus' Robe" 28k

12/27/2009   Mark 6:1-13   "Jesus Goes To Nazareth And Teaches On The Sabbath But Can Do No Miracles Because Of Their Unbelief / Jesus Sends The Twelve Out On A Missionary Journey" 28k

1/10/2010   Mark 6:14-32   "Herod Believes John The Baptist Has Risen From The Dead / Jesus Debriefs The Twelve After Their Mission's Trip" 28k

1/17/2010   Mark 6:33-52   "Jesus Feeds The 5,000 And Then Walks On The Water" 28k

1/24/2010   Mark 6:53-7:23   "Jesus' Ministry At Gennesaret / Scribes And Pharisees Contend With Jesus Because His Disciples Didn't Wash Their Hands Before Eating" 28k

1/31/2010   Mark 7:24-37   "Jesus Goes Outside Of Israel To Tyre & Sidon And Performs Two Miracles There" 28k

2/07/2010   Mark 8:1-21   "Jesus Miraculously Feeds The 4,000" 28k

2/14/2010   Mark 8:22-38   "Jesus Asks The Disciples Who He Is, Then After Peter's Great Confession Begins To Tell Them Plainly That He Would Suffer, Die, And Be Raisede" 28k

2/21/2010   Mark 9:1-29   "Jesus Is Transfigured On The Mountain / The Disciples Cannot Cast Out A Demon" 28k

2/28/2010   Mark 9:30-50   "Jesus Teaches What True Greatness Is / The Disciples Forbid Someone From Casting Out Demons In Jesus' Name" 28k

3/07/2010   Mark 10:1-12   "Trying To Trick Jesus, The Pharisees Ask Him If It Is Lawful For A Man To Divorce His Wife" 28k

3/21/2010   Mark 10:13-27   "People Bring Their Children To Jesus To Bless / The Rich Young Ruler Asks What He Must Do To Inherit Eternal Life" 28k

3/28/2010   Mark 10:28-40   "Jesus Tells Disciples That Whatever They Sacrifice Here They Will Receive Back 100 Fold In This Life Plus Eternal Life / The Disciples Were Amazed At Jesus Walking Up Ahead Of Them To Jerusalem" 28k

4/11/2010   Mark 10:41-11:10   "Jesus Scolds His Disciples About Servanthood, Healing of Blind Bartimaeus, Then Jesus' Triumphal Entry" 28k

4/18/2010   Mark 11:11-21   "Impending Judgment Illustrated:  Jesus Cleanses The Temple And Curses A Fig Tree" 28k

5/02/2010   Mark 11:12-33   "Jesus Teaches Lessons On Faith To Disciples Then Has His Authority Questioned By Priests & Scribes" 28k

5/09/2010   Mark 12:1-17   "Jesus Spoke Against The Pharisees The Parable Of The Vineyard Owner / Some Pharisees And Herodians Try To Tray Him Asking If They Should Pay A Toll Tax To Caesar" 28k

5/16/2010   Mark 12:18-34   "Some Sadducees Come To Jesus To Try To Confound Him With A Hypothetical Question, Then A Scribe Asks Him What Is The Greatest Commandment" 28k

5/23/2010   Mark 12:35-44   "Jesus Goes On The Offensive And Challenges The Pharisees About Their Knowledge Of The Messiah As Well As Their Hypocrisy" 28k

6/06/2010   Mark 13:1-12 "Jesus' Olivet Discourse:  Part #1, Jesus Answers The Question, "When Will The Temple Be Torn Down And What Will Be The Sings That This Is Fulfilled" 28k

6/13/2010   Mark 13:13-20 "Jesus' Olivet Discourse:  Part #2, Jesus Answers The Question, "When Will The Temple Be Torn Down And What Will Be The Sings That This Is Fulfilled" 28k

6/20/2010   Mark 13:21-37 "Jesus' Olivet Discourse:  Part #3, Jesus Answers The Question, "When Will The Temple Be Torn Down And What Will Be The Sings That This Is Fulfilled" 28k

6/27/2010   Mark 14:1-21 "A Woman Anoints Jesus' Head With Nard From Alabaster Vial / The Betrayal Of Judas Iscariot" 28k

7/04/2010   Mark 14:22-31 "Jesus Turns The Passover Feast Into A Remembrance Feast" 28k

7/11/2010   Mark 14:32-52 "The Agony And Arrest Of Jesus In Gethsemane" 28k

7/18/2010   Mark 14:53-72 "Jesus Tried By The Chief Priests, Elders And Scribes / Peter's Denials Of Christ" 28k

7/25/2010   Mark 15:1-21 "Jesus Is Tried Before Pilate / The Soldiers Mock Jesus" 28k

8/01/2010   Mark 15:22-47 "The Crucifixion Of Jesus" 28k

8/08/2010   Mark 16:1-14 "Jesus Christ Is Resurrected From The Dead" 28k

8/15/2010   Mark 16:15-20 "Jesus Christ Gives His Disciples The Great Commission" 28k


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