This book details how God used a woman’s 2 1/2 year struggle with lung cancer to teach our church what the body of Christ is really meant to be and how it should function. Our experience of learning to love this family through our actions brought revival to our church. This story also includes the lessons of faith that the Lord was teaching me at that time preparing me to pastor. Finally, it includes my thoughts and insights on what the Bible says about what the the body of Christ is and how it is supposed to function.

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Quotes from the book:

"It has been said by many that the church is the only Jesus that many people will ever see. We in the body of Christ present Christ to the lost in this world for we are His feet, His hands, His mouth, and His heart to reach out to the people of this world with the love of God."


"The body of Christ was meant to be a beacon of light that reflects the light of the love of Jesus Christ similarly to how the moon reflects the light of the sun to the earth"