Originally from the Southwest, Jim Bomkamp is a pastor who has planted two churches in two different parts of the country. Now living in the Upper Midwest, Jim pastors a non- denominational church and works in a tent-making career. Saved in his teens during the early 70s, Jim soon went to bible college, and then was involved for almost fifteen years in music ministry outreach bands. After many years of faithful service and leadership through worship bands, and home fellowship leading and Bible teaching, God confirmed his calling and opened the door for him to begin pastoring and church planting.

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Quotes from the book:

"There has scarcely been a day in the past fourteen years that I have not thought about the subject of this book and desired to share this story and some of the lessons it contains."

"Three threads run throughout this book.  First is the incredible story of how God worked through this woman’s life and one church that learned through this experience what the body of Christ is meant to be.  The second thread is the story of how God was preparing me for my future as a pastor.  The third thread is simply for me to share my reflections or thoughts as I have looked back these last fourteen years and relived the events that occurred."