Bible Studies:  Nehemiah


Date Verses Sermon Notes Audio Date Verses Sermon Notes Audio
11/02/2008   Nehemiah 1-2   "Nehemiah Hears Of Jerusalem's Plight Then Gains The King's Permission To Rebuild The City's Wall" 28k

11/09/2008   Nehemiah 3   "The Work On The Wall Begins With Each Working On The Wall By His Own House" 28k

11/16/2008   Nehemiah 4   "Continual Opposition By Nehemiah's Enemies Is Overcome" 28k

11/30/2008   Nehemiah 5   "The Attack From Within:  The Rich Are Taking Advantage Of The Poor And Their Unfortunate Circumstances" 28k

12/07/2008   Nehemiah 6   "The Last Ditch Effort By Enemies To Stop Nehemiah Before The Wall Is Completed Fails" 28k

12/14/2008   Nehemiah 7   "Appointments Made By Governor Nehemiah / Listing Of The Names Of Those Who Returned To Rebuild Temple" 28k

12/28/2008   Nehemiah 8   "Ezra Reads The Law To The People Which Brings Revival" 28k

1/04/2009   Nehemiah 9   "What Genuine Revival Produces" 28k

1/11/2009   Nehemiah 10-11   "The Oath Made By The Judeans / Those Who Lived In And Outside Jerusalem" 28k

1/18/2009   Nehemiah 12   "The Celebration And Dedication Of The Wall" 28k

1/25/2009   Nehemiah 13   "Nehemiah Returns Some Years After His 12 Year Reign As Governor And Again Causes Revival" 28k


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