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Date Verses
Date Verses
10/16/2001   Ch. 1:1-16   "Introduction/Isaiah Prophesies Against Complacent Religion" 10/23/2001   Ch. 1:17-2:22   "The Lord Will Judge Judea And Establish His Kingdom There In the Last Days"
10/30/2001   Ch. 3-4   "Judgment For Jerusalem And Judea/Restoration Of The Earth And The Faithful Remnant" 11/06/2001   Ch. 5   "Six Woes Of Judgment"


11/13/2001   Ch. 6   "The Vision And Calling Of Isaiah" 11/20/2001   Ch. 7-8   "The Ministry Of Isaiah To King Ahaz And Jerusalem At Large"
11/27/2001   Ch. 9   "Hope For The Nation Comes Through A Son To Be Born" 12/04/2001   Ch. 10   "Judgment Is Determined For The Assyrians"
12/11/2001   Ch. 11   "The Root And The Shoot Springs Forth From Jesse" 12/18/2001   Ch. 12-13   "Israel's Song Of Praise/ Babylon To Be Judged 1"
1/8/2002   Ch. 14   "How God Judges Evil" 1/15/2002   Ch. 15-16   "The Judgment Of Moab"
1/22/2002   Ch. 17-18   "The Judgment Of Damascus And Ethiopia" 1/29/2002   Ch. 19-20   "The Burden And Restoration Of Egypt"
2/05/2002   Ch. 21-22   "The Burden Of Babylon, Edom, and Arabia, And The Valley Of Vision" 2/12/2002   Ch. 23-24   "The Burden Of Tyre, Apocalyptic Vision:  Part 1"
2/19/2002   Ch. 25-26   "Apocalyptic Vision, Part 2:  The Song Of Praise" 2/26/2002   Ch. 27-28   "Apocalyptic Vision, Part 3:  Deliverance Of Israel / Woe To Ephraim"
3/05/2002   Ch. 29   "Woe To Ariel / Woe To Those Who Try To Deeply Hide Their Plans From The Lord" 3/12/2002   Ch. 30   "Woe To Those Who Execute Plans Without The Lord"
3/19/2002   Ch. 31-32   "Woe To Those Who Go Down To Jerusalem For Help And Who Rely On Horses / The Reign Of The Righteous King" 3/26/2002   Ch. 33   "Woe To The Treacherous Destroyer:  Assyria"
4/02/2002   Ch. 34-35   "The Lord Will Judge All Nations / Everlasting Joy Will Fill Christ's Kingdom" 4/09/2002   Ch. 36-37   "When Judea Turns To The Lord He Finally Dispatches Assyria"
4/16/2002   Ch. 38-39   "Hezekiah Is Healed Then Shows His Treasures To Babylon" 4/23/2002   Ch. 40   "How Great Is Your God?"
4/30/2002   Ch. 41   "Who Besides The Lord Can Bring Into Being What Does Not Exist And Foretell The Future?" 5/07/2002   Ch. 42   "The Lord Says, "Behold My Servant!""
5/14/2002   Ch. 43   "The Lord Will Be With His People Through The Waters And The Fire" 5/21/2002   Ch. 44   "The Lord He Alone Is God And There Is No Other"
6/04/2002   Ch. 45   "The Captive Judeans Are Encouraged To Gather Themselves Together And Come Out" 6/11/2002   Ch. 46-47   "Babylon, All Of Her Sorceries, Magic Spells, And Astrology Shall Not Be Able To Deliver Her"
6/18/2002   Ch. 48   "Judea Must Finally Take Ownership For Her Sins" 7/02/2002   Ch. 49   "God's Ideal Servant Declares His Own Coming And Works"
7/09/2002   Ch. 50-51   "God's Ideal Servant Is A Model Disciple And All Are Called To Be Obedient To Him" 7/16/2002   Ch. 52   "Israel Is Told To Clothe Themselves In Strength And Beautiful Garments For The Coming Of God's Ideal Servant"
7/23/2002   Ch. 53   "The Suffering Servant Is Revealed" 7/30/2002   Ch. 54-55   "The Blessing On Zion And The Invitation To Come"
8/06/2002   Ch. 56-57   "God's People Are To Walk In Righteousness And Justice, Their Leaders Rebuked For Failing To Watch And Protect" 8/13/2002   Ch. 58-59   "Be Careful Of Your Motives For Fasting / General Call To Repentance Of Sin"
8/20/2002   Ch. 60-61   "Zion Glorified / God's Ideal Servant Speaks Of His Work" 8/27/2002   Ch. 62-63   "I Cannot Keep Silent Until Jerusalem Shines In Righteousness And Brings Salvation / The Lord Pours Out His Vengeance On The Nations"
9/03/2002   Ch. 64-65   "Isaiah's Intercession For The People / The Lord's Response" 9/10/2002   Ch. 66   "The Consummation Of God's Plans For Mankind"

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