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10/26/1999 Ch. 1:1-25 "Genealogy of Jesus / Mary Is Found To Be With Child From The Holy Spirit / Joseph Is Kept From Divorcing Mary"   11/02/1999 Ch. 2:1-23 "The Magi Visit Baby Jesus / Herod Tries To Kill Baby Jesus / The Angel Protects Baby Jesus"  
11/09/1999 Ch. 3:1-17 "The Calling And Ministry Of John The Baptist"   11/16/1999 4:1-11 "The Temptations Of Jesus"  
11/23/1999 4:12-25 "Jesus' Ministry To The Galileans & Calling Of The First Disciples / God's Heart For The Lost"   11/30/1999 5:1-6 "Jesus' Sermon On The Mount:  The Beattitudes Having To Do With The Internal State Of The Heart And Mind"  
12/07/1999 5:7-12 "Jesus' Sermon On The Mount:  The Beattitudes Concerning Motivational Attitudes"   12/14/1999 5:13-16 "Jesus' Sermon On The Mount:  About Being Salt And Light"  
12/21/1999 5:17-20 "Jesus' Sermon On The Mount:  About Not Abolishing The Law And Prophets / Righteousness Must Exceed That Of The Scribes And Pharisees"   12/28/1999 5:21-30 "Jesus' Sermon On The Mount:  True Righteousness Involves Thought Life Also / Be Reconciled To Your Brother Before You Leave Your Offering / Cut Off That Which Offends"  
1/04/2000 5:31-37 "Jesus' Sermon On The Mount:  About Divorce, Making/Keeping Vows"   1/11/2000 5:38-47 "Jesus' Sermon On The Mount:  About Being Taken Advantage Of And Not Taking Personal Revenge, And Loving Our Enemies"  
1/18/2000 5:48-6:8 "Jesus' Sermon On The Mount:  Be Perfect / Don't Perform Righteousness To Be Seen By Men / Not Using Meaningless Repetition"   1/25/2000 6:9-15 "Jesus Teaches His Disciples The Model Prayer"  
2/8/2000 6:16-24 "Jesus States That We Should Never Do Good Deeds To Be Seen By Men / Jesus Gives Some Requirements For Those Who Would Seek To Follow Him"   2/15/2000 6:25-34 "Jesus Teaches His Disciples Not To Worry Or Be Anxious"  
2/22/2000 7:1-11 "Jesus' Sermon On The Mount:  About Judging / Jesus Admonishes Us To Seek, Ask, And Knock"   2/29/2000 7:12-18 "Jesus Teaches The Golden Rule, About The Broad And The Narrow Way, And To Beware Of False Prophets"  
3/07/2000 7:19-29 "Jesus Warns His Disciples About False Teachers And Professors / The Multitudes Were Amazed At Jesus' Teaching"   3/15/2000 8:1-17 "Jesus Heals A Leper, A Centurion's Slave, Peter's Mother-in-law, And Many Others"  
3/29/2000 8:18-27 "Jesus Gives Requirements To Those Who Would Desire To Follow Him / Jesus Calms The Sea When The Boat He And His Disciples Is In Enters A Storm"   4/04/2000 8:28-9:8 "Jesus Heals A Demon-possessed Man Who Is Both Blind And Dumb, And A Crippled Man Brought To Him By Four Friends"  
4/11/2000 9:9-17 "The Calling Of Matthew / Jesus Fields Some Questions From John The Baptist's Disciples About Fasting"   4/18/2000 9:18-26 "A Woman Grabs The Hem Of Jesus' Garment And Is Healed / Jesus Raises Jairus' Daughter From The Dead"  
4/25/2000 9:27-38 "Jesus Heals Two Blind Men Who Cry Out For Mercy And Also A Man Who Is Dumb / Jesus Has Compassion On the People As He Sees They Are Like Sheep With No Shepherd"   5/9/2000 10:1-8 "Twelve Apostles Are Named / Jesus Gives Practical Ministry Advice Prior To Sending Out The Twelve On A Missionary Journey"  
5/16/2000 10:9-15 "Jesus Gives More Practical Ministry Advice Prior To Sending Out The Twelve On A Missionary Journey"   5/23/2000 10:16-26 "Jesus Begins To Prepare His Disciples For Life Without Him Teaching Them About Being Gentle Yet Discerning And To Be Prepared For Persecution"  
5/30/2000 10:27-42 "Jesus' Hardest Sayings On Discipleship"   6/6/2000 10:42ff "Further Discussion On Jesus' Hardest Sayings On Discipleship"  
6/12/2000 11:1-6 "John The Baptist Sends His Disciples To See If Jesus Really Is The Christ"   6/19/2000 11:7-19 "Jesus Begins To Tell The Multitudes Who John The Baptist Was In God's End-times Scheme"  
6/26/2000 11:20-30 "Jesus Pronounces 'Woes' On The Cities That Rejected Him, Praises The Father For Revealing The Truth To Babes, Then Appeals To All Who Are Weary And Heavy-Laden To Come To Him"   7/11/2000 12:1-14 "Jesus Gives Five Rebuttals To The Pharisees Accusation That His Disciples Were Breaking The Sabbath Laws, Then He Heals On The Sabbath"  
7/17/2000 12:15-32 "Jesus Withdraws From The Multitudes, Casts Out A Demon, Then Argues With The Pharisees When They Accuse Him Of Doing This By the Power Of Beelzebub"   7/24/2000 12:33-50 "Jesus Teaches That Spirituality Is Based Upon Fruits, People Will Give Account Of Every Idle Word / Pharisees Ask Jesus To Perform A Sign"  
8/01/2000 13:1-23 "Jesus Teaches The Parable Of The Sower"   8/08/2000 13:24-32 "Jesus Teaches Two Kingdom Parables:  Tares Among The Wheat And The Mustard Seed"  
8/15/2000 13:33-44 "Jesus Teaches Two Kingdom Parables:  Leaven Hidden In The Meal And Treasure Hidden In the Field"   8/22/2000 13:45-58 "Jesus Teaches Two Kingdom Parables:  Pearl Of Great Price And The Dragnet Of Fishes"  
8/29/2000 14:1-13 "John The Baptist Confronts Herod Antipas For Having His Brother's Wife, Then Is Beheaded Because Of It"   9/5/2000 14:14-21 "Jesus Feeds The 5,000"  
9/19/2000 14:22-36 "Jesus' Disciples Become Fearful In the Boat As They Are Crossing The Sea Of Galilee / Peter Walks On The Water"   10/3/2000 15:1-20 "Pharisees Come To Jesus And Ask Him Why His Disciples Don't Wash Their Hands When They Eat Bread, And Jesus Condemns Religion That Is Only External"  
10/24/2000 15:21-38 "Jesus Casts A Demon Out Of A Syro-Phoenician Woman / Jesus Feeds The 4,000"   11/07/2000 16:1-12 "The Pharisees And Saduccees Come Together To Ask Jesus To Show Them A Sign From Heaven, Then Jesus Tells His Disciples To Beware Of The Leaven Of The Pharisees"  
11/14/2000 16:13-20 "Jesus Asks His Disciples Who They Think He Is, Then Peter Makes His Great Confession"   11/21/2000 16:24-17:9 "Jesus Teaches That A Follower Must Take Up His Cross And Be Willing To Lose His Life / Jesus Is Transfigured"  
11/28/2000 17:1-23 "Jesus Is Transfigured, Then Discourses About Elijah's Coming Again / Jesus Casts Demon Out After The Disciples' Attempt Is Unsuccessful"   12/05/2000 17:24-18:11 "Jesus Tells His Disciples To Pay Taxes And Miraculously Pays Their Taxes / Jesus Teaches About What True Greatness Consists Of / Beware Of Being A Stumbling Block"  
12/12/2000 18:12-20 "Jesus Teaches About The Father As A Shepherd Who Seeks After A Lost Sheep, Then Teaches About The Process Of Church Discipline"   12/19/2000 18:21-34 "Peter Asks Jesus If He Should Forgive A Brother Up To Seven Times, And Jesus Teaches A Parable About A King Who Forgave A Debtor"  
1/02/2001 19:1-12 "Jesus Contends With The Pharisees And Their Questions On Divorce On Three Grounds"   1/09/2001 19:13-22 "Parents Bring Their Children To Jesus To Bless / The Rich Young Ruler Asks Jesus What Good Thing He Might Do To Inherit Eternal Life"  
1/16/2001 19:23-30 "Jesus Teaches His Disciples About How Hard It Will Be For A Rich Man To Go To Heaven / Peter Asks Jesus What Reward His Followers Will Have"   1/23/2001 20:1-16 "Jesus Teaches About Living Under Grace In The Parable Of The Laborers For The Vineyard"  
1/30/2001 20:20-28 "The Mother Of James And John Asks Jesus To Put Her Sons One On Each Side Of Him In His Kingdom / Jesus Teaches About True Greatness"   2/06/2001 20:29-21:11 "Jesus Heals Two Blind Men Then Makes His Triumphal Entry Into Jerusalem"  
2/13/2001 21:12-22 "Jesus' Acts In Jerusalem After Initially Entering During His Triumphal Entry"   2/20/2001 21:23-46 "The Chief Priests And Elders Put Jesus To A Test / Jesus Teaches Two Parables Condemning Israel For Rejecting Her Messiah"  
2/27/2001 22:1-14 "Jesus Teaches His Disciples The Parable About The Wedding Feast"   3/6/2001 22:15-32 "The Pharisees, Sadducees, And Herodians Ask Jesus Test Questions To Try And Trap Him"  
3/13/2001 22:33-46 "The Pharisees Test Jesus Asking Him What The Greatest Commandment And Then He Tests Them Asking Whose Son The Messiah Shall Be"   3/20/2001 23:1-12 "Jesus Begins To Openly And Broadly Condemn The Pharisees And Scribes"  
3/27/2001 23:13-24 "Jesus Begins To Pronounce 'Woes' On The Pharisees And Scribes"   4/3/2001 23:25-39 "Finishing Up The 'Woes' Pronounced By Jesus On The Pharisees And Scribes"  
4/17/2001 24:1-8 "Intro To Jesus' Olivett Discourse / Jesus Tells His Disciples The Signs Of The Times Leading Up To His Coming, Part 1"   4/24/2001 24:9-14 "Jesus Tells His Disciples The Signs Of The Times Leading Up To His Coming, Part 2"  
5/01/2001 24:15-27 "Olivett Discourse:  The Dramatic Signs That Occur During The Tribulation"   5/08/2001 24:28-35 "Jesus Teaches His Disciples About The Cataclysmic Signs That Will Occur During The Tribulation"  
5/15/2001 24:36-51 "Jesus Teaches His Disciples About His Imminent Return And How We Always Need To Be Ready For Him To Return"   5/22/2001 25:1-13 "Jesus Tells His Disciples The Parable Of The Ten Virgins"  
5/29/2001 25:14-30 "Jesus Tells His Disciples The Parable Of The Talents"   6/12/2001 25:31-46 "Jesus Tells His Disciples About The Sheep And Goats Judgment At The End Times"  
6/26/2001 26:1-13 "Jesus Forewarns Of His Crucifixion / Pharisees Plot To Kill Jesus / A Woman Anoints Jesus' Head"   7/10/2001 26:14-30 "Judas Plans To Betray Jesus To The Pharisees / Jesus' Last Supper With His Disciples"  
7/24/2001 26:31-46 "Jesus Tells The Twelve He Will Be Crucified & Raise Again, And That Peter Will Deny Him, Then Takes Them To Gethsemane"   8/7/2001 26:47-65 "Jesus Is Arrested And Let To Appear Before Caiaphas And The High Priest"  
8/21/2001 26:66-27:10 "Jesus Appears Before The Chief Priests And Scribes / Judas Hangs Himself"   9/18/2001 27:11-31 "Jesus Is Tried Before Pilate"  
9/25/2001 27:32-56 "Simon Carries Jesus' Cross / Jesus Is Crucified"   10/2/2001 27:57-66 "Joseph Of Arimathea Obtains Jesus' Body And Places It In A Tomb / The Pharisees Place A Guard"  
10/9/2001 28:1-20 "The Events That Occurred When Jesus Was Resurrected"          

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